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What makes me angry? A number of things, but especially liars and cheats. I have zero respect for large companies who con others by intentionally lying about their products/services. While I have never bought anything from the following company, I felt an obligation to pass this bit of news on to those whom may have.

Williams-Sonoma, sellers of kitchen ware, outdoor/garden products, and more, recently agreed to a nearly $3.2 million civil penalty with the Federal Trade Commission for violating a “Made in USA” order. According to the FTC, the home retailer advertised that some products, sold under its various banners, as being made in the USA, when they were actually made in China, or elsewhere.

This isn’t the first time, either. In 2020, the FTC sued Williams-Sonoma for similar misleading claims of products supposedly having been made in the United States. The retailer paid $1 million to settle that case. The FTC stated that Williams-Sonoma’s fine is the largest ever levied in a ‘Made in USA’ case.

This particular incident started with the company marketing Pottery Barn Teen mattress pads as “Crafted in America from domestic and imported materials.” However, the mattress pads, as its label stated, were made in China. The FTC then began investigating other Williams-Sonoma products advertised as Made in USA . The FTC found that some products under the retailer’s Goldtouch, Rejuvenation, Pottery Barn Teen and Pottery Barn Kids brands were not made in the USA as advertised.

Personally, when I shop, I almost always look to see where a product was made. I try to buy ‘Made in the USA’ as much as possible, assuming the product appears to be made well, and is reasonably priced. I’m willing to pay a little extra to help keep manufacturing jobs in America, and also add to our GDP. In addition, I try to avoid ‘Made in China’ as much as possible, since, if we do have a real enemy to worry about, it’s them.

I realize some people only worry about price because their personal finances put them in that position. However, as an older person who has seen much of America’s high-pay manufacturing jobs disappear over the decades, only to be replaced by often lower-pay service jobs, I’d prefer to make the American job market more profitable. If it’s a family-owned, or small S-Corporation, that’s even better.